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Horses are allowed in Banff National Park (Sharon Pickthorne)

FOSP Note: This letter appeared in the Comox Valley Record on Aug 27, 2009

Re: Letter to editor (Record, Aug. 26), John Baxter stated that “horses were ultimately phased out in Banff National Park.”

I wish to correct this false information. Horses are allowed in Banff National Park.

The first line from the Banff National Park website titled Horse Users Guide is: “We invite you to explore the timeless trails of Banff National Park by horseback.” Second quote: “Horse travel is permitted throughout most of the park. There are a few trails and areas where horse use is prohibited to reduce impact on delicate resources and specially constructed walking trails.”

Banff park uses a permit process to limit impact and in fact the park is patrolled by wardens on horseback.

The purpose of Back Country Horsemen Society of BC is to work together with recreational groups, government agencies and the general public to promote awareness and understanding for a co-operative wilderness experience, and to preserve access for Canadians to use equines on public lands.

To that end, we only request that horse use be considered “where appropriate.” Strathcona is a large park and if there are suitable areas for the recreational rider to go, we want to help make that happen.

Sharon Pickthorne,


Editor’s note: Sharon Pickthorne is the treasurer of the Back Country Horsemen Society of BC.


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