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August 19, 2009
Ministry of Environment


CAMPBELL RIVER – Following extensive public and stakeholder
consultations and a review of the Strathcona Provincial Park Master
Plan, the Ministry of Environment has reached a decision regarding
horse use in Strathcona Provincial Park.

Applications for potential horse use will be restricted to a very
small portion of the park. Minister Barry Penner says to minimize any
environmental impacts, applications will only be considered for horse
use on old road beds and their associated corridors, which amount to
about eight hectares, or less than .004 per cent of the 264,000-
hectare park.

This decision was made following consultations with First Nations,
environmental groups, local governments, stakeholder organizations and
the general public. All responses and input received as part of the
consultation process were taken into account by the ministry.

The ministry will update the existing master plan for the park. Both
the 1993 Master Plan and the 2001 Master Plan amendment addressed
horse use in the park. However, neither plan was entirely clear about
exactly where horse use would be permitted. The updated master plan
for the park will provide greater clarity regarding areas in the park
where horse use will be considered. At the same time, the ministry has
confirmed the vast majority of Strathcona Provincial Park will remain
dedicated to wilderness and travel on foot, as envisioned in the
previous Master Plans.

This revised Master Plan will require individuals or organizations to
apply for and receive a park use permit before using horses in
Stratchona Park, but only applications pertaining to old road beds and
their associated corridors will be considered. Any permit application
for horse use must be consistent with the Master Plan direction, meet
or exceed expectations of BC Parks for minimizing impacts to the
environment, and ensure that BC Parks’ standards are met.

Strathcona Provincial Park, designated in 1911, is the largest
provincial park on Vancouver Island and is the oldest and one of the
largest in British Columbia. It is located near the communities of
Campbell River and the Comox Valley, which are the primary access
points to the park.


Suntanu Dalal
Ministry of Environment
250 387-9745


  1. I just want to thank all of you who continue to fight for the integrity of the park. It can be exhausting & discouraging at times, but worth each little win. Our lives are consumed with the battle over the Kensington mega-development.

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