Posted by: friendsofstrathcona | September 4, 2009

No reason to keep horses out of park (Lynne Powell)

Comox Valley Echo

Published: Friday, September 04, 2009

Re: Dangerous precedent

Good grief! More misinformation from the anti-horse crowd. Anyone with a computer and two minutes to spare can find that horses are indeed allowed in Banff National Park. File that one along with the myth that the general public wants horses kept out of Strathcona Park.

I see the latest tactic is to present the issue as being against the big bad capitalists turning the whole park into a giant commercial enterprise, and that it is not about the horses. That would certainly be a complete about-face for groups like Friends of Strathcona Park, who have historically (or hysterically) been against horses in the park in any form, at any time, and in any area. It IS about the horses, but opposing commercial use might sell to the public better and achieve the same goal – keeping horses out, even though there is no earthly reason to do so.

Lynne Powell


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