Posted by: friendsofstrathcona | September 9, 2009

Appalled at the recent government decision (Martin Smith)

Dear Editor

Like everyone else I am appalled at the recent Campbell government decision to allow horses in Strathcona. The thin end of what will turn into a very wide wedge unless we do something about it.

I will certainly be joining you on the picket lines that will, I’m sure, eventually become necessary. Clayquot/Cream Lake – here we go again.

In the meantime one does what one can. I’m including a statement on every Vancouver Island page of my website that informs all readers about this unwanted, unapproved and immoral development. I encourage everyone else who maintains or contributes to the many Island websites out there and who cares about the continuance of Strathcona as we know it, to do likewise.

I believe that we’re already past the point of trying to talk to the morally bankrupt, power grubbing crew that passes for government in this province. Concerted action is all that will stave off this latest insult to our park.

Martin Smith
North Saanich

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