Posted by: friendsofstrathcona | September 16, 2009

Minister’s decision oppressive (MJ Vaughan)

FOSP note: the following letter appeared in the Nanaimo Daily News on Sep 19 and Island Tides and Parksville.Oceanside Star on Sep 24, 2009.

Premier Gordon Campbell

Legislative Buildings, Victoria, BC., 16 Sep 09


I am deeply opposed to the recent decision by Minister of the Environment, Barry Penner, to open Strathcona Park to private, for profit, horse use.  I believe the minister’s decision to be oppressive in that it arbitrarily ignores overwhelming public opposition to the whole idea. The Level 2 assessment, commissioned even before the faulty Master Plan amendment process was complete, notes the  “high level of public concern regarding the appropriateness of horses in protected areas, and the potential environmental impacts, with particular concern about the impact of allowing a private, commercial operator to have a horse use permit within the park”.  The author of the assessment proposes these concerns can be mitigated by “public education”.  I propose the Ministry of Environment be renamed the Ministry of Truth, in the best spirit of George Orwell, if a penny wise, dollar foolish government believes it can brainwash us as easily as it tries to sell out our parks.


MJ Vaughan, Black Creek

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