Posted by: friendsofstrathcona | December 20, 2009

Parks funding cuts result in closed trails (by Patricia Palomino from Vancouver Sun)

Re: Parks funding cuts result in closed trails, garbage and public defecation, Dec. 16

As a frequent user of B.C. parks’ camping facilities, I, too, have become aware of the rundown, shoddy appearance of the beautiful parks I have always been so proud of.

Cutting funding is false economy, for it will cost twice as much to renew the parks’ beauty. Naturalists and rangers offer more than information and fee-gathering; their presence in campgrounds encourages folks to take more care and gives a feeling of safety.

As for toilets: They should be open and serviced year-round. (There should be a sign as you head into Manning Park: Check Your Bowels. Next Service, 80 km.”) The same goes for Vancouver parks. I have twice found park toilets closed on a summer Sunday.

We have blow-your-mind park facilities. Let’s only make them better.

Patricia Palomino

Founding member, PIST (People in Search of Toilets), Vancouver
© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

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