Posted by: friendsofstrathcona | November 9, 2010


Dear Minister Coell,

Congratulations on your recent appointment as our new Minister of the Environment. We all look forward to working with you on some very serious issues regarding deregulation in our oldest Provincial Park,Strathcona. Of particular concern to many people on the north end of Vancouver Island, and else where, is B.C.’s first and oldest provincial park Strathcona Provincial Park. This park is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2011. It has suffered many indignities throughout its history. From being dammed, flooded, deforested, mined, boundaries changed and so forth. And yet, it still survives.

Historic horse damaged in the park and on the hiking trails is still  much in evident to this day. Trails have been worn down by erosion and horse use to the bed rock itself and have never recovered in the meadows. Horses were allowed in the in the early days and the evidence of that is is still there. And, should have never ever been allowed on this fragile westcoast terrain. Mr John Caton’s Clayoquot Wilderness and fishing Resort, in the Bedwell valley, on the western boundary of Strathcona  Park has applied for a 30 year horse use permit. Many fear that this permit will soon be granted by your ministry, thus, again continuing further non conforming use, and, abuse of this fragile wilderness park. Enough is enough, Sir!!

Many thousands of people have stood up for Strathcona Park over the years. Heroically stopping further destruction from mining interests, and, other such uses.This park has many true loyal friends who really care and love this unique west coast wilderness, and all it contains, handed down to us from our ancestors 100 years ago, to be kept in perpetuity as wilderness forever. Many have gone as far, and are certainly willing again, to face arrest, as was done in 1988 in order to stop Cream Silver Mining from cutting out the heart of Strathcona Park by its mining out the center of the park, at that time. The C.W.R. horse use permit is just such an issue which will once again produce public civil disobedience, along with the destruction of the 25 year old park master plan.

The total trashing of this Strathcona Master Plan, which has worked so well, for so many years for everyone is disgraceful. We need to have the Master Plan reinstated in its original form”NOW SIR”, and put back in place as soon as is it humanly possible. Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past Sir. Why not give Strathcona Park a wonderful 100th birthday present by denying the horse use permit, and reinstating the Master Plan. The public and future generations will be eternally grateful and, remember, that the Honorable Minister Murray Coell did the right thing, when asked. Thank You.

The 100 year old Strathcona Park “Must Not Die.”.. We need action Sir !!!
David and Adel Routledge,

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