Posted by: friendsofstrathcona | March 11, 2011

Families Second in the Park

Families first, promises B.C.’s new premier Christy Clark. My hope is that her promise will apply to my family when it comes to access and use of facilities in our publicly owned parks.

BC Parks is poised to approve a permit to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort to construct what is essentially a private use facility in our Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island. I cannot afford $4750 * per night for my family to enjoy unfettered access to camping facilities in the Bedwell Valley. For us to enjoy this valley we will be obliged to use Resort trails and Resort campsites if and when they are not already taken by their clients.

It would appear that your Families First slogan will apply to the Genovese Family, owners of the Resort, but not to mine. Why is it that we should be made to feel like second class citizens in our own parks? It was bad enough that camping fees were doubled last year, that family oriented interpretive programs have been dropped, and that Parks budget was slashed yet again this year. What is there for us to celebrate on this 100th Anniversary of our Parks System?

Ms. Clark, on behalf of ordinary families in this province, please put a stop to this erosion of family recreation in our Parks. Please reverse the damage that has already been done and put a stop to what is about to be done. Make us feel that Families First applies to my family too.

Carol Hunter
Comox, BC

* $4750 per adult for 3 nights… children over 12 treated as adults.

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