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Letters to Minister Terry Lake

Hello readers,

The following letters were recently mailed to our new Minister of the Environment, Terry Lake. The Minister has not as of yet signed the Park Use Permit for Clayoquot Wilderness Resort to establish a private horse operation in Strathcona Park. However BC Parks has already given it their stamp of approval on February 23. Thank you all for these great letters… everyone counts!

Bob St.John
Director, Friends of Strathcona Park

Welcome Minister Terry Lake,

Congratulations on becoming our new minister for the environment. This is a reply to your letter of April 3rd 2011 (Reference #137166 – Routledge – Strathcona Park Master Plan)

Today, a delegation of concerned citizens visited your office for a last ditch effort to salvage any attempts to privatize Strathcona Park from your ministry. Our hearts and minds are with them in every way in this endeavor. Today’s meeting is a culmination of years of sweat, toil and hard work by many, many citizens and organizations. We are 100% determined to keep this” Wilderness Park ” as is, for our descendents to enjoy, and, as a bench mark against which future generations can say, this is what the world was like before humans touched the earth, in this part of the world.

It is our vision Sir, we hope you to can share this vision with us. We also hope that when future generations ask, people will be able to reply that, the Honorable Terry Lake, the then Minister of the Environment,under B.C.Liberal Premier Christy Clark, knew what to do. He “Did The Right Thing”. He stopped the Genovese Family of Monaco/C.W.R. park use permit, as asked for by hundreds of citizens across the land. Including the ministers own Strathcona Park Advisory Committee, set up especially to oversee Strathcona Park. What a great gift it would be to the future from you Sir, and for B.C.’s first, and oldest, provincial park, now celebrating its centennial year. A fitting, first thing to do, by Minister the Hon: Terry Lake as a show of commitment ,and vision,for our future generations to come.

We await your reply, Sir.
Because We Care. As long term park users,caretakers and former park employee.

David & Adel Routledge,Cumberland,B.C.


Valhalla Wilderness Society
P.O. Box 329, New Denver, BC, V0G 1S0
Phone: 250-358-2610; Fax: 358-2748;;

April 04, 2011

Honourable Terry Lake
Minister of Environment
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC

Dear Minister Lake:

The signing of the permit for Clayoquot Wilderness Resort to operate in Strathcona Provincial Park will go down in infamy in the history of this province’s park system. Many governments in BC have credit for building this immense legacy. At present the current government has the most reputation for degrading it and tearing it down. We urge you not to sign the permit, and we would add that if it is signed, your tenure as Environment Minister will be remembered by this atrocious act for a long time to come.


Anne Sherrod, Chair
Valhalla Wilderness Society


“Strathcona Park belongs to all the people of British Columbia.

It does not belong to you and your government.

You do not have our permission to sell off the ‘rights’ to our park and the fruits of the labours of a myriad of citizens who have volunteered to cherish and nurture the park and make it accessible to folks on foot. Do not allow a capitalist enterprise to ride rough shod over a century of public love for this park.

Please do not issue this permit.”

Bob Stiven
1567 Balmoral Ave
Comox, B.C.
V9M 2T4


Dear Minister Lake,

Please DO NOT allow your government to sell off ‘rights to access’ in Strathcona Natural’ Park to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort or any private company! It is not a government park, it is a people’s park. The people of this province are the shareholders of crown land and we entrust our government to act in our best interest. Natural places and parks are sacred in B.C. and it would not be responsible or politically wise to start selling off our Parks in any way to private interests.

If you allow this company to operate horses commercially within the boundaries of the park and all that goes with that operation you would be setting a dangerous precedent for Strathcona Park and for ALL our other natural parks in B.C. Where would one draw the line? If one commercial interest is awarded access to a public ‘natural’ asset then it is only fair that all commercial requests are given due consideration and some awarded similar government issued permits?

This is NOT the way British Columbians want our Parks to be governed or envision our B.C. Parks now or in the future.

Please, do the right thing in your important position as Minister of the Environment and put a halt to this dangerous direction your government is traveling. We need wild spaces for our wildlife and for people to escape to from commercial interests and enjoy nature for nature’s sake.

Barbara Murray
3362 Rockhampton Road
Nanoose Bay, B.C.
V9P 9H5


Mr. Lake,

For some years now the people of BC have begged, petitioned, written and telephoned our provincial government to preserve our Strathcona Park. It belongs to us. It must not be logged nor developed. Do not issue any permits.

Permits for resorts, logging, and other variously described developments do not belong in this park – it belongs to the future of healthy practices, something we have not educated ourselves to carry out at this time but will eventually. I have lived and worked in our west coast island forest areas for years and have seen firsthand the deterioration of water, land and forests. Even retired/working loggers know this is wrong. Their children seek other opportunities for work because they have felt the emotional consequences of ill conceived forestry practices and commercial enterprises.

If we destroy this area before wisdom arrives, there will be nothing to work with. Do not issue any permits.

Thank you,

S. Lawrence
8381 W. Saanich Rd
Saanichton bc v8m 1s5


From: Bob Broadland
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 1:28 PM
Subject: Horses in Strathcona Park

I wish to register my protest to the apparent approval for a Park Use Permit to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort to operate exclusive commercial use of horses within Strathcona Provincial Park. I am 87 years of age and I have had a long and wonderful relationship with Strathcona since I first visited Buttle Lake in 1938 as a 15 year old. I was married while still in the RCAF in August 1945 and spent the first night of my honeymoon a stones throw from Upper Campbell Lake. After graduation from Forest Engineering at UBC in 1949 , as a new member of the new Provincial Parks Branch, along with two colleagues conducted a Recreational Survey of the Sayward Forest immediately adjacent and north of Strathcona Park . Part of that project included research on Strathcona Park and I came across the diary of one of the 1910 members of the 31-person exploration party that led to the 1911 creation of Strathcona Park. The Leader of that survey party was the Honourable Price Ellison, then Minister of Lands for the Provincial Government. In my opinion present and future Ministers of Parks should acquaint themselves with that report to understand what a treasured legacy was set aside as a Park in 1911. Ironically, in the early days of Strathcona a number of proposed regulations concerning development and use were formulated, but thankfully never adopted.. It is interesting that one of the regulations was that it gave the hiking-trail right-of-way to horse-mounted users of which there weren’t any in those days, but reflected the inexperience of managers of that period during those frontier days of cowboys etc. Subsequent experience with horse use in public recreation areas has determined that the presence of such animals is inimical to the wide general use by foot hikers throughout the Park.

In short, I am very much disappointed by the seeming support of the present Minister to the proposed exclusive-use of horses within Strathcona Provincial Park.

Bob Broadland, served in Provincial Parks and Heritage Conservation Branches May 1949- April 1984.
4641 Vantreight Drive
Victoria, B.C. V8N 3W8

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