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Cooperative Trail Building in Jasper National Park

I thought you might be interested in the cooperative trail building in Jasper National Park.  It seems that Park Canada is planning a hiker-only route in the Tonquin Valley and doesn’t have any difficulty with having the Alpine Club of Canada providing the labour.

Darrell Tomkins

ACC Edmonton Section –BREEZE / e-News

May 2011

Tonquin Trail Here is an excerpt of the e-mail seeking YOUR assistance. A call to arms! Lawrence White has passed this onto the Edmonton ACC for proposed trail maintenance and construction. Greg Horne of Parks Canada writes:

Date: December 20, 2010 12:35:34 PM MST

To: Lawrence White lwhite@alpineclubofcanada

Subject: Re: Tonquin Trail

Hi Lawrence,

. . . Horse and hiker traffic heading directly to the Tonquin Valley would cross the Astoria and head west on the north side of the river. The new section, if built, would be a hiker only route. The general concept of shared construction would for Parks Canada to lay out the route, fell and buck trees and possible do some mechanical brushing. The ACC would provide labour to toss bucked bolts, toss cut brush, hand cut missed brush or brush sections not touched by mechanical brushers, grub/define tread, install markers, build cairns. I don’t expect critical foot bridges will be required for the new section. I think we’ll need a few season to see if particularly bad wet sections come to our attention and re-routes or other solutions are needed. . . .

Greg Horne

Resource Management and Public Safety Specialist | Spécialiste, Gestion des ressources et Sécurité publique

Jasper National Park of Canada | Parc national du Canada Jasper

Parks Canada | Parcs Canada


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