Bedwell Centennial Trail, August 2011

From August 20 – 26, 2011, twenty-eight volunteers refurbished 11 km of the old Bedwell Valley Trail from Bedwell Lake to Ashwood Creek. This is Phase III of the Friends project to establish a low impact trail from Bedwell Sound to Bedwell Lake.

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Bedwell Valley Trail Project, Aug 2010

From August 14 – 18, 2010, twenty volunteers built a new hikers trail from the Living Bridge to Sam Craig Creek. This is Phase II of the Friends project to establsh a low impact trail from Bedwell Sound to Bedwell Lake. Photo credits: Carol Hunter, Renee Poisson, Karl Stevenson, and Bob St.John.

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Bedwell Valley Trail Recon, Jun 2010

In June, 2010, Karl, Lorne, and Bob flagged a route from the Living Bridge to Sam Craig Creek in preparation for the Aug work party.

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BC Parks Day, July 17, 2010

On July 17, 2010 the Friends joined the Comox District Mountaineering Club, the Comox Valley Ground Search and Rescue, and members of the public to celebrate BC Parks Day at the new Strathcona Park Institute on Mt Washington. A great time had by all. Where was BC Parks?

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Volunteers Open Crest Trail

On June 19, 2010, over 50 volunteers established a new route to bypass the defunct bridge on the Crest Mountain Trail near Gold River. This new route would eliminate the need to re-build the bridge. A decision by parks will be made by June 30. Thanks to Tim Penney and Bob Dugas for the great photos!

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2010 AGM

Photo credits: John Milne.

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Strathcona Park: 100 Years of History

Photo credits: Marlene Smith- Schalkwijk.

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Bedwell bridge repair

In the winter of 2008-2009 heavy snowloads snapped the anchor pins on the east end of the bridge. Luckily a secondary cable prevented the bridge from being lost. In October, 2009, the Friends organized two trips to repair the bridge with much stronger anchors. The repair party included Pal Horvath, Warrick and Jan Whitehead, and Friends Kel Kelly, Karl Stevenson, and Bob St.John. Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts provided transportation… much appreciated. A video is also available to view. Photo credits: Jan Whitehead, Karl Stevenson.

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Bedwell River Valley

This slide presentation combines photos from two trips to the Bedwell River. This first trip in Sep, 2007 was comprised of various stakeholders including FOSP from You Creek in Strathcona Park down to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort at the river mouth. The second trip in Aug, 2009 was by FOSP members from CWR to the park boundary. Photo credits: Marlene Smith.

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1988 Blockade

During January, February, and March, 1988, the Friends organized a blockade of exploration drilling by Cream Silver. Sixty-four people where arrested, but their actions prevented yet another mine from being developed in our ‘wilderness park’. Photos from Friends of Strathcona Park archives.

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Ugly Strathcona

Logging, mining, and dams. Damage by horses, ATV’s, bikes, and snowmobiles. (Note: FOSP are not against these activities per se, just not in a wilderness park.) Trash from all park users and scars from campers’ fire pits. There are probably more categories, but that’s a start. Send us your uglies. See note below.

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Beautiful Strathcona

Send us some favourites. See note below.

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Of Interest

Gayle McGee bridge, trail building Doran brothers, historical photos, miscellaneous. Email any photos you may wish to add. See note below.

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Your photos

Email your photos for posting to the ‘Ugly Strathcona’, ‘Beautiful Strathcona’, or ‘Of Interest’ albums. We will add a caption derived from the file name with a credit. You will be added to the list below, with a link to your site if supplied. We may resize your photos to suit dial-up modems (< 150Kb).

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