Karl and Bob on Strathcona Master Plan and CWR Permit

Bedwell Bridge Repair

In October 2009 the Friends made 2 trips into the Bedwell Valley to repair the Gayle McGee suspension bridge. In 1993 the Friends paid for and built the bridge, with the government assuming responsibility for its upkeep. In the winter of 2008-2009 heavy snow loads damaged the east side anchors, and the bridge was in danger of total collapse. With the government either unwilling or unable to fix the bridge due to funding cutbacks, the Friends took it upon themselves to re-anchor and re-tension it at a cost of $3500 plus volunteer time. A photo album is available as well.

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Bedwell Valley Trail Building, Aug 2010

For three days in August, 2010, 20 volunteers with the Friends of Strathcona Park built 5 km of scenic, unobtrusive trail for hikers in the Bedwell Valley. We showed that we do not need commercial interests to provide park facilities in exchange for special favours. We plan on finishing the trail in the summer of 2011, the centennial of Strathcona Park, BC, Canada.

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Camp Fires

Off Road Vehicles

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